Gathering Our Medicine


The Gathering Our Medicine program is intended to be covered over nine sessions. Each session consists of three hours, for a total of 27 hours of programming. Participants are encouraged to see the program as a sacred event (ceremony) that provides the conditions for healing, while enacting a living example of what is being taught in theory.

A sample agenda for each session will be provided with an instructional plan, however, facilitators will be encouraged to find their own sacred rituals and rites of passage that are appropriate and fitting for them in their own communities.

Program Intentions 

Weekly Sessions

  • Week 1 – A Warm Welcome and The Journey Ahead
  • Week 2 – The Healing Power of Cultural Rituals
  • Week 3 – Strengthening Relationships Through Gathering Rituals
  • Week 4 – Nature’s Plan for Growth
  • Week 5 – Reducing Separation Through Continuity Rituals
  • Week 6 – Recovering Resilience Through Grieving Rituals
  • Week 7 – Ritualized Forms of Expression for Aggression & Anxiety Problems
  • Week 8 – Bringing Together Our Kinship Circle Through Introduction Rituals 
  • Week 9 – Honouring Our Youth and Kinship Circle- Celebration Ceremony
Gathering Our Medicine

Session Descriptions

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