Gathering Our Medicine


The Gathering Our Medicine program is intended to be covered over eight sessions. Each session consists of three hours, for a total of 24 hours of programming. Participants are encouraged to see the program as a sacred event (ceremony) that provides the conditions for healing, while enacting a living example of what is being taught in theory.

A sample agenda for each session will be provided with an instructional plan, however, facilitators will be encouraged to find their own sacred rituals and rites of passage that are appropriate and fitting for them in their own communities.

“Teachings come from everywhere when you open yourself to them. Open yourself to everything, and everything opens itself to you.”

Richard Wagamese

Program Intentions 

  • Create cultural safety: in which caregivers can reflect on, discuss and explore potentially sensitive issues in-regards-to our youth;
  • Provide practical, strength-based developmental insight to caregivers so that they can respond to their child(ren) with confidence in themselves and their youth;
  • Explore and experience ritual as a gentle, indirect and effective way of providing the relational context needed for teaching, learning, healing, and growth to occur;
  • Encourage caregivers to identify and explore rituals from their own culture and family of origin that would most naturally fit their lifestyle and support a healing relationship with their youth;
  • Provide model of development rooted in Indigenous (relational) ways of being as a map that encourages caregivers to find their own way in terms of providing practical and effective care to Indigenous youth;
  • Support caregivers to view their youth through the lens of attachment, resilience and feeling in order to provide what is needed for healing and growth;
  • Establish the youth’s village (as opposed to experts) of attachment as being the most naturally equipped to raise youth;
  • Create a community of caregivers who can support each other during and after the program; and
  • Offer ongoing support and resources for caregivers once the program is complete.

Facilitator Supervision

Facilitator’s will engage in individual and group pre and post-supervision sessions which will be scheduled in advance of the program. During supervision facilitators can expect to receive guidance and feedback regarding effective program delivery. Different scenarios may come up during the group sessions that require discussion and support.

Supervision is intended to help facilitators grow and develop their capacity to be the best they can be and so that the feel confident and empowered to deliver the curriculum in a customized way that meets the needs of their community of caregivers. A private Facebook page will be set up and facilitators will be asked to post their comments after each session in preparation for group supervision which intended to facilitate learning amongst facilitators and to create a community of support.

“The longest journey you’ll ever take is the one from your head to your heart.”

— Kathy Lewis, Cree elder

To live in ceremony is the greatest and truest gift we can give to ourselves.”

— Richard Wagamese