Gathering Our Medicine Online Training Program
Join an 8-week online training program, Gathering Our Medicine™, developed for caregivers of Indigenous youth that encourages strengthened relationships with youth as an essential aspect of inter-generational healing.

Gathering our Medicine™ is a training model that balances integration of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing and being. This program honours Indigenous ways of knowing and being as naturally providing for our youth’s relationship needs—the conditions for resilience and emotional health. As we practice walking in two worlds, we weave together a better future for Indigenous youth.

Caregivers of Indigenous youth require relational, place and strength-based supports, education and resources that are culturally relevant and take into consideration the impact of colonization and inter-generational trauma. Through Indigenous ways of knowing and being Gathering Our Medicine nurtures care givers intuition (or felt sense of knowing) and confidence to provide for our youths’ often complex, sometimes perplexing relational and developmental needs.

This online training program is designed for helping professionals wishing to learn more about facilitating Gathering Our Medicine in their community or organization. This includes parents and extended family, teachers, helping professionals and other caregivers in the community (CYMH, Family Preservation, Counsellors and Therapists, Educators, Social Workers and others working in community).

This program runs once per week for 8 weeks online:

  • START DATE: June 4, 2020 for 90 minutes/week
  • TIME: 1:00 – 2:30pm
  • MORE INFO: Contact Denise Findlay: denise.findlay@gov.bc.ca


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Gathering Our Medicine is a training program that helps heal and strengthen relationships between Indigenous youth and caregivers. Learn More.